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Current Areas of Interest

  • Williams Farm/Route 17 Development
  • Western Branch Development or Redevelopment
  • Grassfield Area Development
  • Broadband/Data Centers

  • Offshore Wind Power
  • Summit Pointe and Surrounding Development
  • Great Bridge Village
  • South Norfolk Development and the Waterfront
  • Bond Financing Support
  • Road Infrastructure
  • New Deep Creek Bridge
  • Centerville Bridge
  • Greenbrier Mall Redevelopment
  • Chesapeake Conference Center
  • City Garage/Trash Facility Relocation
    (Chesapeake City Park)

  • Retail Development Wegmans, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Fresh Market
  • Small, Women, & Minority Business Support

  • New Chesapeake Career & Technology Ctr.
    (Workforce Dev.)
  • Workforce Development
  • Solar Energy
  • City regulations for small businesses property expansion
  • Development plan style alignment to City Council
  • Land Fills

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