Coastal Virginia Commerce Park Update (aka The Williams Farm)

December 14, 2022 Update

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Chesapeake City Council voted 7-1 on Tuesday night to spend more than $14 million to purchase 1,420 acres for an industrial use “mega-site.”

Vice Mayor Dr. John M. de Triquet was the lone no vote.

Chesapeake’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) will purchase the land and the area is set to become the Coastal Virginia Commerce Park. The land is a small portion of a much larger plot of farmland owned by Virginia Beach’s Frank T. Williams. It sits with Route 17 directly to its west, the North Carolina state line directly to its south, Cavalier Wildlife Management Area to the east and Ballahack Road is north.

The purchase will allow for the city to bring infrastructure like sewer and water lines to the site.

Mayor Rick West said big manufacturing companies have shown interest in setting up shop on the land, which could increase revenue within the surrounding area.

However, there is pushback from some Chesapeake residents. Several have come to meetings saying it will dramatically change the way of life in Southern Chesapeake.

November 16, 2022 Update

The Chesapeake Alliance is in strong support of the City’s development of the Williams Farm into the Coastal Virginia Commerce Park.

Located off Route 17, in the southern boundary area of Chesapeake, The Williams Farm has 4,000 acres of land which can be developed over the next few years.


The first block of 1,400 has been introduced as an initial phase and has been approved by the City for development, with the assistance of State of Virginia funding approved by Governor Younkin.


This development has the potential of bringing billions of dollars into the city and would benefit the entire region and state.


Chesapeake Alliance Chairman David Ropp spoke in support of development to the Planning Commission on Wednesday, November 9th and to City Council on Tuesday, November 15, 2022


“This is a complete game-changer for the City and a once in a lifetime opportunity”, stated Mr. Ropp at both meetings.”

Additionally, a letter of support (shown) was submitted which represents over 75 names of major businesspeople in the City in support of the development.

City Council voted to approve the development at their council meeting and the implementation details will be forthcoming.


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