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On March 16, 2022, the Chesapeake Alliance announced and launched its Leadership Circle.
The Chesapeake Alliance is a 501c(6) non-profit organization established in the late 1990’s with the mission of providing a “voice of business” in support of important initiatives for the City of Chesapeake. The organization is similar to other prominent business associations found in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News.
The Leadership Circle is an effort to identify and attract influential business leaders in the city to ensure that the proper level of business feedback and representation is available to Chesapeake City Council and key city officials.

The March 16th meeting was held at Damuth Trane in Chesapeake. More than fifty business leaders attended and heard presentations from Mayor Rick West; City Manager Chris Price; Steven Wright, Director of Economic Development; Doug Smith of the Hampton Roads Alliance; Pete Kotarides of the Kotarides Companies; Troy Lindsey of Dominion Energy; and David K. Ropp of RoppCorp LLC.

Over twenty companies comprise the founding members with many more companies joining the effort.
Chesapeake Mayor Rick West said, “You are here because you care about the heart of the city and you can be a great influencer for City Council, offering opinion of the business community.”
David Ropp, Chesapeake Alliance Chairman said, “It is very exciting to have such a powerful and diverse group working on behalf of the City of Chesapeake.”

Over the next few weeks, the Chesapeake Alliance will establish a new board of directors, and the Leadership Circle will work toward establishing its priorities, strategies, and tactics to initiate its mission and direction.

For more information on The Chesapeake Alliance and the Leadership Circle, contact Dan Bell, Chesapeake Alliance Executive Director, PO Box 5008, Chesapeake, VA 23324, danginobell@outlook.com or 757-373-6517.


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The Alliance acts in a business advisory capacity to the city of Chesapeake (staff and City Council) representing the opinion of the city’s business leaders on several key initiatives undertaken by the city.

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